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Contegrity Group Texas, LLC provides expert sourcing services for all legal matters. Our network of medical experts includes board-certified independent practitioners across essentially every medical specialty.  We offer several experts in each specialty giving you the option to choose the right expert for your matter.  

Alternatively, our non-medical experts are vetted to ensure appropriate licensing and credentialing.  

Additionally, our coverage extends beyond major cities.  Our team is specialized in finding qualified experts to suit your matter in most all Texas counties.

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Our elevated level of service and boutique approach is what sets us apart.  Our Texas team maintains direct contact with each and every expert.  We take the hassle out of the administrative process by coordinating and volumizing all records and easing communication when it comes to scheduling IMEs, calls, depositions and/or trials.  We are also able to facilitate IME’s and depositions in our San Antonio office and are available both to our clients and retaining experts at all times to ensure your deadlines are met. 

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