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About Us

Contegrity Expert Group was founded in 2017 with a keen focus on providing clients with the right qualified expert for their legal matter.  The CEG team has a history of extensive involvement in the legal/medical community which has provided a deep understanding of how beneficial an expert sourcing firm can be to the expert witness process.  We strive for excellence in our field and provide superior service to our clients.  Our network of doctors and non-medical experts encompasses Texas, Colorado, and other Western States. 

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CEG is your single point of contact for all of the expert-related aspects of your case.  Simplify your expert witness process by letting our experienced staff handle the administrative burden of managing an expert from the beginning of the case through to resolution.  

CEG maintains full compliance with all regulatory requirements related to confidential case material as well as protected health information.  All records, documents and imaging are handled securely throughout the process and properly disposed of when the matter has resolved.

Experts can be challenging to reach at all times, so the CEG team puts our clients first and are available 24/7 to field questions, provide information and facilitate the expert witness process whenever necessary.

CEG understands the importance of your case deadlines and we ensure your expert is aware of and will adhere to the specific timing requirements.  This dedication extends to any scheduled events with your expert such as IMEs, meetings, depositions or trial.

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Meet Our Owners

Todd and Adriana Johnson founded Contegrity Expert Group in 2017.  Their education, experience and involvement in finance, business development, entrepreneurship and combined 12 years of experience in the medical/legal community led them to open their own expert sourcing firm which is based both in Texas and Colorado.  Both are business graduates of Southern Methodist University.  


Todd’s wealth of business knowledge stems from his early career in the banking industry in New York City.  Having worked for two major global investment banks he gained extensive experience in the world of finance and business development.  After 15 years he turned his attention to the medical/legal industry as the Director of Business Development for another sourcing firm before opening CEG with Adriana.


Adriana’s business background began in New York City as well, having worked for two major luxury retailers in corporate buying and merchandising.  Her passion for entrepreneurship led her to operate numerous independent businesses before diving into the medical/legal industry.  Her extensive knowledge in the accounting and marketing side of the field helped launch CEG with Todd.

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