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Contegrity Group Colorado, LLC services both personal injury/liability and workers compensation matters.  Our network of experts specializes in both areas and are well versed and experienced in the review process.  Having numerous experts within each specialty gives you the option of selecting the one that is right for your matter.

Personal Injury/Liability


The Contegrity network offers a vast number of specialties to service personal injury/liability cases both in the medical and non-medical fields.  Our Colorado team works closely with our experts to facilitate the review process, coordinating and volumizing records, scheduling IME’s, calls, depositions and trials and managing the expert throughout to ensure your deadlines are met.  

Workers Compensation

Our Colorado team is always current with the latest Colorado Division of Workers Compensation rules and guidelines under the Colorado Department of Labor and Employment.  Our providers have the ability to perform:

  • Record Reviews

  • IMEs

  • DIMEs

  • Impairment Ratings

work comp.jpg

We have the ability to facilitate these reviews in our Denver office and can provide translators when necessary.  Our providers rely on Contegrity liaisons to facilitate this review process by coordinating records, scheduling any and all follow-up events and delivering timely reports.

Nominated as a

2018 Outstanding IME Provider

by Professionals in Workers' Compensation 

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